It has never been easy to explain Pop In the City in 2 minutes. 

However, we’re SURE you can find all the answers you need here!

Pop In the City is a women’s urban race, an hybrid event at the crossroads of sporting events and experiential tourism. No less than that !
Pop In the City makes it possible to discover emblematic and unusual places  in cities of Europe with a strong identity. During a daytime (from 9 am to 5 pm), intrepid adventurers teamed-up in pairs, travel the cities thanks to a roadbook full of riddles. The resolution of those leads them to challenges divided into 5 categories: sport, charity, extreme, art and culture.
Beware, that’s a highly addictive race!

There are 25 challenges in each race. Each will last around 30 minutes. The moto for the challenges is “impossible is nothing”. You won’t know more until you get there.

Challenges may contain: grace, traces of nuts, darkness, water, creativity, harness, hot men, sardines… and more.

In Aix, the Popins took a class with a conductor at the Opera. In Bologna, they rappelled down a medieval tower and cooked tortellini in a nursing home. In Nice, they learned how to free dive, they renovated a few old « Pointus » (the typical fishing boats), and they felt like Klein himself when painting.

Here are the videos.


  • Early bird price: 165€/participant (7 days)
  • Standard price: 179€/participant


What’s included in the price:

  • a tshirt for the event
  • a silkscreen printed cotton bag (except on ski events where it is replaced by a more appropriate gift)
  • a roadbook for the event
  • your race bib
  • access to 30 challenges during Pop In the City
  • a bracelet
  • gifts
  • a personalized video of your race
  • kisses


The price does not include:

  • the accommodation
  • transport to the host city or to hotels
  • travel pass on D-day
  • meals


For all the information, read this !

The price includes:

  • The participation of your team in the race
  • Access to some thirty exceptional challenges, personalities or inaccessible places  …
  • Access to food provision over the day
  • A kit including: 1 t-shirt, 1 totebag, 1 bracelet, goodies
  • 1 City Guide which lists all the team’s best tips (available for download)


Registration does not include:

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Lunch on Saturday
  • Extras expenses

Of course!

When you register, choose as your team name the name of the organization you want to run for.
Simply mention for invoicing the name and address of your company.

Any woman from 18 to 100 can join Pop In the City.
The only thing is you should be 2 to form a team. Now you choose! Your mom, your daughter, your best friend, your sister, your work-colleague, you will encourage each other on a slackline…

As with all sporting events, a medical clearance is required. You can download it from our website.

It is not mandatory to have a sponsor to register.
A sponsor is a good fairy who reveals Pop In to other women. By entering the name of your sponsor, you allow her to win 1 coupon code with a value of 10% (5% of the registration of a pair) that she may need on a future registration.

Promo codes have a lifetime of one year from the date of issue. They are not retroactive.

Aaaah the status of Pop In Addict. The Grail of the Popin.
To be Pop In Addict you must be addicted to Pop In, and have participated in at least 3 Pop In the City during the last three years, including the current year. Our Pop In Addict receive additional partner gifts.

It is better if you have a good health condition and the last time your trained was later than 1960… But you don’t have to be a marathon runner!  If anything else, Pop In the City is an attitude: you are going to live a red hot chili pepper adventure.
Some will want to win, some will do it for the experience. You can go at your own pace.

The place of departure will be communicated to you by email a fortnight before the event.
The place of the evening will be revealed in the roadbook that you will receive on the day of the race.
It is better to choose an accommodation located in the city centre or well served by public transportation. This will avoid your waking up at 4am to cross the city and not miss your 3 connections.
In some cities, we manage to negotiate you super offers. Everything is detailed on the “Practical info” page of each race.

As with any sporting event, you will be asked for a medical certificate. To be valid, it must be dated of less than one year on the day of the event and mention the same name as the one under which you registered for the race.

When you registered, you received a precious email with the logins of your Popin account (Watch out  not to click on the “basket” icon)
Log in to your account (via our website) to download your certificate. It must appear online no later than 1 month before the date of the event.
No certificate will be accepted on the spot.

If you can no longer participate in Pop In the City, here are the repayment terms. Change of tone, this is serious business.


Any cancellation of a team made more than 45 days before the race (race date included) will be reimbursed in the amount of the registration fee – 25% (excluding all other expenses incurred by the Participants, such as airfare, overnight stays, etc.)

Any cancellation of a team between 45 days and 15 days before the race (including the date of the race) will be reimbursed up to the registration fee -50% (excluding all other expenses committed by participants, such as airfare, overnight stays, etc.)
For any cancellation of a team in the 15 days before the race (date of the race included), there will be no reimbursement from the organization.


If it is impossible for participants to get to the place of the event (air or rail strikes, attack, case of force majeure or any other event making it impossible to move) there will be no reimbursement from the organization.


In the event that one of the participants of a team give up her participation in the race, the organization may, in exceptional cases and up to 15 days before the race, authorize a transfer of registration, provided to obtain the personal data and the medical certificate of the new teammate.
For any replacement, contact Julie at

You want to discover incredible places in your city or in a city you’ve never been to? Meet more than 500 women grinning from ear to ear and from 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. ?

Then join the Pop In Team!



  • Speak French and English
  • Be available on one of the Pop In the City‘s organized weekends
  • Not be a serial killer or a male chauvinist.

Showing self-control is a plus.

Being single is totally a plus.

You meet the requirements and still want to get involved? Simply send an email to Camille :, indicating which event you are interested in. If you know some “Popin” participants, let us know!

Thank you for your interest in Pop In the City and see you soon!


Learn more on what lies ahead for you here.

The bibs withdrawal takes place:
– Friday: 4 pm to 9 pm
– Saturday from 7am to 8am for the early morning.
The location will be communicated by email 15 days before the event.


You must bring a piece of identification with the same name as the one you enrolled in.
If you have changed your name in the meantime, you will be asked to provide proof that the ID is yours.



You can remove the bib of your teammate in her place, upon presentation of her ID!
On the other hand, you can not remove the bibs from another team.

7:30: Opening of the starting line
8:20 am: Briefing
8h50: Warm-up
9h00: Start of the race
16h00: Opening of the finish line
17h00: Closing of the finish line and all the challenges
19h00: Closing dinner and evening

The food supplies points will be indicated on your roadbook. Take some cash anyway for your lunch.

There is no place to left luggage. Your luggage and valuables must be left at the place of your accommodation.

It all depends on your state of mind. No one has ever managed to do all the challenges. But if you smash the riddles and run faster than your shadow, who knows?
On average, the Popins perform 12 challenges among the 30 offered.

All public means of transport (tram, bus, bicycle) are allowed. Private motorized means of transportation (car, 2 wheels) are prohibited. Non-motorized means of transport of the roller type, skate boad … are authorized except the personal bicycle. Private modes of payment, even non-motorized (shovels, etc.), are strictly forbidden.

The race ends at 5 pm and the festivities resume from 7 pm for those who are registered at the evening. So you have two hours to go take a shower and put on the show

The results will be announced during the evening and communicated in the “Thank you” email  sent to the participants post-race.

All photos and videos are available on : 

Flickr :

Viméo :

The next cities are advertised on our site in the section “Next Cities“. You will find the dates of the editions and the opening dates of the registrations!
If no date or city appears yet, or you wish to get the next info, sign up for the Pop In the City newsletter. We promise not to spam your mailbox and always make you laugh (at least, to try).

You are a genius! No, we are not over the top.  Our Pop In for companies are said to be unforgettable so we really think you’re a genius for wanting to organize one.

You’ll find more information on the Teambuildings page on our website. Or if you want to skip that part, just write an email to Sophie:

The Jetlags are also organized by the Pop In the City team, and also convey the idea of discovering a culture and providing original experiences.

They’re not a Pop In the City but they enable participants to discover the concept.  And for the Pop In addicts, they help them wait for the next Pop In to pop up… :)