Spending one amazing day with five hundred happy women is your dream.

Stop dreaming.

As we all know but keep saying it again, “Pop In the City is for women only”…
… Now boys sob and huff in dismay…
*** BUT! ***
Like for any other event, we need resourceful people to help us on the big day.
Mind you! Female volunteers are welcome and beloved as well!




Every Pop In member is in charge of a challenge. They supervise it and special “accomplices” take care of the activity. As a Pop In volunteer, you’ll have to welcome the participants, explain the challenge and its rules, cheer them on, congratulate them and above all validate the challenge :).
You will also welcome the participants when they come to get their bibs for the race, ensure law and order sometimes, try and resist our Popins’ coy smiles (they’re pretty good at simpering), show a lot of self-control, reassure a Popin about to jump into open space although you are petrified yourself.
No duty in the evening, you are invited to the dinner!




If you are full of energy, smile all the time, show some sense of authority (sometimes needed with relentless Popins!) and are ready to join us on Friday, then you have the profile of a perfect Pop In volunteer!
Please note that for the events taking place abroad you have to speak French and English.




Friday 3-9pm and Saturday 7-8am: Bibs withdrawal
Major moment of the race, it is when participants get all their equipment (bibs, tote bag, city map, bracelet…). 600 girls to welcome in a few hours … it is almost a challenge in itself ! You’ll understand that we need some backup. It is always a nice moment that allows to meet the Popins and be with us !
If you wish to participate, you can choose between several time slots :
On Friday : 3-5pm / 5-7pm / 7-9pm and 7-8am on Saturday


Friday from 5 to 6.30 p.m.: Briefing !
Everyone must be there! We’ll explain the rules for the race and what’s even more important we’ll tell you the challenge you’ll be in charge of.
For those who choose the slot of 5-7pm for the bibs withdrawal, no worries. We’ll brief you individually so that you have all the information.


Saturday from 9am to 5pm : Race
It’s the key moment of the event.  With another volunteer, you’ll be responsible for one challenge. Your mission ? Welcome the Popins, explain them the challenge, enforce the rules … Be strong ! The Popins are desperate to have their stickers !


Saturday night from 7 pm. on: dinner + party
That’s a great Pop In moment – an extraordinary place, a surprising decor, and an opportunity to meet again all the people you came across during the day. There is no duty for you in the evening so you can relax and enjoy the dinner – to which you are of course invited! If you still l have the energy for it, you can dance all night afterwards!




All members of the Pop In Team get:
A t-shirt of the race + a “Pop In Team” badge
A bag of the race
Offered lunch on Saturday with the participants
10% off voucher for a future Pop In the City. Guys, here is an opportunity to offer a great gift to a woman around you
All the people who volunteer for the second time at least will get 120 euros of their expenses covered.