14, June, 2014
Pop In the City decided to take its Popins to Utrecht, and there are good reasons for it !

This city is exciting, its cultural and medieval heritage makes it a well preserved jewel, an inestimable alternative to Amsterdam and its hordes of tourists!
Our friendly Heinz who owns a design shop in Utrecht says: “Utrecht is the smallest of the 4 big cities of the Netherlands. Of the 300,000 inhabitants of Utrecht, two thirds live in the historic center. There are 60,000 students here who causes the average age to be quite young, and so you never get bored!”


The atmosphere is rather relaxed and calm, everything is accessible and there is a very eclectic cultural program throughout the year. In addition, the city is in the center of the Netherlands and therefore close to cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam.


Even though this name does not evoke anything to you, once you have been there, you will not be able to stop talking about it. It is beautiful, charming, the inhabitants are adorable, the streets are so stylish that we would like to stop on each landing to take a picture, the cafes are cozy, the shops are trendy, the bikes are decorated and all different and there are shops of decoration which do not resemble anything of what is known in France.
Without wanting to offend Amsterdam, it is said that Utrecht took more from Copenhagen.