Organizing an urban race in a ski resort was a bold move! But we’re doing it again and

are so excited to go back to Risoul!


Risoul is a fantastic ski resort and let us tell you one thing – our Popins are from Marseilles, Lyon, Grenoble, Nice, Paris, Annecy, Brittany, Aix, and so on, but they will all want to stay in Risoul!

The Tourism Office team is even crazier than the Pop In team and they are determined to show you the best of Risoul. You are going to HAVE A BLAST, we promise you. There are going to be MANY NEW CHALLENGES for the Popins who’ve already been to Risoul!


To tell you the truth, before we organized the first Pop In the Mountains, we had never been to Risoul before.

Now, each time we have to leave, we give our skis back and say goodbye to many people with a heavy heart. The resort has just everything for you to have the best time in your life: the local people are wild and have strong characters; they organize events during the whole season – philharmonic concerts, batucada on the ski trails, a vintage-style show by the ski school, and so on. They have a skiing area that all the prestigious ski resorts wish they had, with beautiful larch forests, a backcountry skiing area… No!

Skiing off the normal runs is forbidden, forget it. Endless trails, sunshine all day long and feel-good restaurants.

Hit the slopes!