City breaks: check.

Urban adventure racing in Europe: check.

This year, we’re spicing things up. Would you follow us blindly?
We’re taking you to a Mysterious destination.


Saturday October 6th, 2018.

We could say without a doubt this adventure will be a first. There’s a really famous show in France where an enchanting adventurer, Fred, takes a celebrity to a secret area of the world where they will be living for a week with an ethnicity. Of course, we’re huge fans of the show. But we doubt Fred would be able to handle 550 Popins in a mysterious destination, hehe!


So here’s the challenge: you will register for this Pop In the City without knowing where you’re going.


The rest remains the same: a European city (a sunny one), an 8-hour urban adventure race made of challenges and 550 Popins. Reaaaady ?



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Paint landscapes on coffee bags from the top of Bellver Castle, make wicker bookmarks with local artisans, carve bamboo and learn the art of Gothic calligraphy, paint a ceramic siruel, learn a choregraphy of contemporary dance and try to do hula-hoop with a circus troupe.



Learn how to make typical Mallorcan raviols (and eat them), learn about Mallorque’s typical dance: Bot’s ball, prepare local recipes with merchants from Mercado del Olivar, blind taste at Café Can Joan, the oldest café in the city, go sailing in the sea with the Balearic sailing federation, look for 4 emblematic courtyards of the city and do an escape game in the Bellver castle.



Repair fishing nets with local fishermen Rederos, put yourself in the shoes of a blind man with Fundacion Once, replant trees in Bellver Park after a wildfire, pick up litter on the beach, raise awareness about child abuse with Fundación Rana and learn to manage people emotions with Educa Clown.



Go around Palma in paraguismo, national sport of the Balearic Islands, play a game of beach volleyball feet in the water, learn the basics of roller-hockey, manage to balance on a unicycle, do archery in the heart of Mercy and make a 500-step pilgrimage to Bellver Castle.



Make a 70 meters rappelling before gettinf your feet in the water, learn the basics of sea rescue, get carried away by jetski, do track cycling in one of the biggest velodromes in Europe, prepare a mallorquin fito (delicious dish made from pork offal) and rappelling the facade of a luxury hotel.


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