Yes yes yes ! We made it!

This 21st Pop In the City took place in Paris on September 22nd.


There are many Paris. The one for tourists, with rucksacks carried on the stomach, with crammed museums and just-like-you-expect Parisian waiters in Parisian cafés.


There’s the Paris of Parisians, made of hidden bars – which don’t stay hidden for very long, rooftops apéros, endless chats by the river, pétanque parties and sunburns in packed parks in the summer, night time Velib rides and museum visits…


And then there’s Pop In the City. For all of you who believe there is much more to see of the city than you already know, for those of you who wish to discover the city in an unexpected way… and for those of you who are already Popins and want to know how the hell we have managed to choose 35 challenges in Paris…

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Learn to blow glass, create a giant fresco in the Galerie Vivienne, dancing the voguing, carve on the docks among the pros, learn portraiture with the artists of the Place du Tertre in Montmartre, learn the basics of improvisation with Bérengère Krief and discover Body Painting in the workshop of the Make Up For Ever designer.


Create a perfume base with the scents of Paris, taste caviar, bottle THE parisian beer BAP BAP, play bridge with the officers of the Cercle National des Armées, create absinthe with the Druide of Paris, taste cheese blind, meet the booksellers of Paris and learn about the stock market simulation.


Sensitize passers-by to global warming, learn about tantra with Aurélie the sexologist, learn Braille, sew with Comorian designer Sakina and cook traditional dishes with migrant women and repair motorcycles under the Concorde bridge.


Discover bike polo, dance hip hop in the Cour des Lions, learn cricket, box at the Reebok Sports Hall, play basketball in the oldest hall in Paris and join Père Lachaise’s friendly bouliste.


Spitting fire, being hypnotized, abseiling down the Generator and the Grand Rex, doing blind snorkeling with the river brigade, learning about shibari and crossing a monkey bridge under the canopy of the Forum des Halles.


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