October, 2013

Aix-en-Provence was the first French city to host a Pop In the City ❤

The movie!

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City Guide

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Cézanne challenge

the participants had to tear a Cézanne painting of their choice, put it together as they wished into a postcard format. Each popin chose to whom they wanted to send the postcard.


Conductor Challenge

one of the only female orchestra conductors in the world, Zahia Ziouani, was in Aix-en-Provence on October 12th for a concert and accepted to participate in Pop In the City! On stage, Zahia Ziouani explained the gestures of the conductor, surrounded by all the instruments.


Cluedo game at the Granet Museum

on the penultimate day of the “Grand Atelier du Midi”, the most important exhibition of Marseille-Provence 2013, the girls resolved the enigmas of an exciting chase about Provence and its influence on Impressionists.



Aix-en-Provence hosts each spring a huge Comics festival. Girls had to create their own GIF in Comics way.



Girls, armed with a brush and a bucket of water, participated in an ephemeral Pictionary game on an impressive artwork made of thousands of LEDs lighting up upon contact with water.



fight against the American football team of the city, the most titled French team.


in Nicolas’ arms the girls learnt the very first steps of this tactical and graceful sport.


the players of the Aix handball club, one of the top French teams trained our Popins before a giant goalkeeper challenged them to score 3 goals… not that easy!

Synchronised Swimming

Aix is Virgine Dedieu’s city, multi Olympic synchronised swimming champion. A “duck” challenge imposed itself! The Popins had to perform a complex water choreography, helped by young French champion.


Orientation race around the fountains of the city

This challenge was a « not-to-be missed » one, because of Aix’s nickname “the city of 1000 fountains”. The participants had to collect clues by diving into fountains, equipped with a mask and a snorkel.…


Bread delivery challenge

Famous for his delicious bakes, the “Crazy baker” supplies the best restaurants in town… The Popins were in charge of the deliveries!


Medieval dance challenge at the Big One.

Histoires d’Aix, an organization to discover the history of Aix-en-Provence and its traditions, didn’t give any other choice but to succeed impeccably at the choreography, dressed in chatelain outfits.


Market and artichokes challenge

After collecting artichokes on Saturday morning market square, the participants learnt how to « turn an artichoke », the first step to cooking a barigoule, a traditional provencal dish.


Preparation of calissons at Leonard Parli’s.

This usually unaccessible technique of preparation was made available to the Popins. The girls used the oldest machine of calissons in France and prepared handmade sweets, managed by Reda, calisson master since 1972.


Wine and chocolate harmony challenge

Some wine and some chocolate for an unexpected but very very appreciated challenge by the participants: which chocolate matches with wine? ‘let’s see… can we taste again this one?’


Some unforgettable challenges hosted by the ENSOSP (National School of Firemen)

-> Equipped with the full fireman outfit + oxygen bottles, girls had to find their way through a labyrinth in the dark and smoke. A great moment of claustrophobia.

-> Equipped with the most hermetic outfit, the Popins were immersed in the « fire box » where the temperature rises to 650°. They had to stay for 3 minutes. As you can imagine, it’s very little compared to what firemen can bear!

-> Climb the giant ladder and abseil: more « classical » but still amazing and rather physical when wearing all the equipment…

-> And finally, a course with a reel and water cannons as training exercise.

In the city centre, there was an extreme challenge, fast and strategic:


As you know, Pop In the City is not a social enterprise and does not support one single cause, as during our events, we like to benefit local charities. We choose 4 charities, each with whom we build a challenge involving our participants in concrete actions that will have a direct impact on the chosen organisations.



This organization lists all the venues that are accessible to disabled people.

–> Pop In the City’s action: participants inventoried 240 shops accessible to the disabled in the city centre of Aix. They also enabled Jaccede to raise awareness just two weeks before the French national accessibility day.



Yanis is the son and grandson of firemen, and has a motor illness that can’t be cured in France, and his parents don’t have enough money to pay for his treatment.

– > Pop In the City’s action: In partnership with the local fire station, the participants had to climb to the top of the control tower: each of them who climbed = 10 euros for Yanis’ treatment. Overall, Pop In the City donated 1000 euros.


Theatre impro

A theatre was settled for the day in the middle of a low-income suburbian area. The women had to improvise theatre scenes, guided by a director.



At the Vasarely Foundation, the family foundation that gathers most of the work of the artist Vasarely, our participants were welcomed and given some space to create some kites for children living in the ‘slums’.



Now you know everything!!

All these challenges require a huge work, meeting local people to create a exceptional race and above all challenges which make sense with the city.