They fell for the tailor-made Pop In events.

Some really cool fans!


Place : Paris

Duration : all day

Numbre of participants : 120


What did you like about the Pop In concept for Companies?

Original challenges, unusual places and a decent budget.


Were you satisfied with the event (organization, service, originality)? Did your co-workers enjoy the event?

Yes, we particularly liked the warmth and professionalism of the team.
The event was totally aligned with the initial briefing.
A friendly and understanding team, always doing its best to meet all expectations.



Any funny story? Your favorite challenge?

Everyone loved it! It was a good day as a team. It allowed all of us to have a real break in our going.

A lot of incredible activities; I had a lot of great feedback about the South African dance and light painting.
I think the most memorable anecdote was Paolo’s face (the party host, owner of a private penthouse) when we suddenly decided to jump into his bathtub!


Would you recommend Pop In Events to a colleague or another company to organize a teambuilding? Score from 1 to 10 (1 = not at all, 10 = yes, without any hesitation).

A massive 10, even an 11!


Place : Paris

Duration : all day

Number of participants : 40


What did you like about the Pop In concept for Companies?

Originality, think outside the box, so different from traditional teambuilding organizations.


Did the event organized for your team meet your expectations?
Yes absolutely.


Any anecdote? Your favorite challenge?

Everyone was extremely surprised, which is great as this was the aim. Everybody enjoyed the originality of the location, everybody loved in one way or another the different activities, the ‘body song’ challenge was a success!


Would you recommend us for an off-site event?
Without any doubt a 10/10 !


Place : Paris, Parc Floral

Duration : 3h

Number of participants : 265


What did you like about the Pop In concept for Companies?

I will answer this question by reminding myself my colleague’s words after our first meeting together: “the Pop In team had understood of the subject even before the meeting… responsiveness… originality, excellent interpersonal skills, imagination, professionalism… No need to go further, it will be awesome… ”
I can only agree and add: a perfect assistance and support from A to Z, and… serenity!



Were you satisfied with the event (organization, service, originality)? Did your co-workers enjoy the event?

The event ran perfectly, beyond what I could have hoped for. It was a stressless project and the team always answered our doubts carefully.
The staff loved it. I had a lot of thanks and bravos, “finally a nice seminar” “really original afternoon”, “a real seminar with coherence”, “a constructive and playful afternoon” ….



Any anecdote? Your favorite challenge?

All the participants – including the president – had a great time, went back to childhood and came back with a big smile.
What I also remember from the feedbacks is that the apprehensions have disappeared from the beginning of the race.



Would you recommend us for an off-site event?

Of course. It’s already done, with the works council, and as soon as I have the opportunity outside. I am sure that if we had to organize a seminar in 2017, you will be the first to contact.


Place : Aix-en-Provence

Duration : One day

Number of participants : 80

We organized a customized Pop In PWC with 7 challenges to achieve. The teams got a taste of American football, made delicious calissons, got wet in the fountains of Aix, and felt a thrill of delight when they tasted the Mediterranean food of the future!

They had a beautiful party to close a day full of discoveries and shared experiences.


How did you hear about us?

A colleague saw a news story on BFM TV channel and found the idea very interesting.


What did you like about the Pop In concept for Companies?

The original and unique way to make someone discover a city and the totally unusual treasure hunt.


Were you satisfied with the event (organization, service, originality)? Did your co-workers enjoy the event?

Yes, 100% satisfaction. Everything was very well organized and met our expectations (went beyond them in fact).


Any anecdote? Your favorite challenge?

We had to eat some insects at some point and that made quite an impact. But what I liked most was the calisson making!


Would you recommend us for an off-site event?

Yes. Without hesitation!

Odile Vega



City: Amsterdam

Duration: a two-days weekend

Number of participants: 40 people

We organized a full inspiration weekend in Amsterdam for Etam. We had picked a trendy boutique hotel and in fashion restaurants for the team. Like the Dutch, we had lunch on the water and organized a tour of the most refined design stores of the city.

And of course, we had a Pop In Etam that was just outstanding.

The participants got to discover successively light painting, indigo dying, and the art of canoeing on the beautiful canals of Amsterdam…


How did you hear about us?

Many women we work with mentioned their Pop In experiences so we asked them about a prospective once-a-year event for 40 co-workers.


What did you like about the Pop In concept for Companies?

The whole concept is attractive! It’s a new vision of team-building with surprising activities that everyone will remember!


Were you satisfied with the event (organization, service, originality)? Did your co-workers enjoy the event?

The weekend organized by Pop In totally met our expectations. The team is responsive; they know how to deal with any stressful situation and of course how to surprise us with their incredible places and activities. At work, everybody raves about their Pop In experience!


Any anecdote? Your favorite challenge?

My favorite challenge was the canoeing on the Amsterdam canals. Very tiring but very challenging and doing that with colleagues was just hilarious!


Would you recommend us for an off-site event?

Most definitely!

Audrey Grolet



City: Nantes

Duration: 4 hours

Number of participants: 250

For their annual convention, EXCO -a major consulting firm and network- asked us to organize a Pop In Exco in Nantes for 250 co-workers. They really had a good morning – canoeing, capoeira, tattoo workshop, a crazy race in a warship, printing, and repainting.

A successful team-building event, with motivated participants who really got into it despite the early hour!


How did you hear about us?

Thanks to our employees. Indeed we have a few EXCO women who took part in many Pop In events. They quickly became fans and addicted.


What did you like about the Pop In concept for Companies?

There are many attractive elements in the Pop In concept. The challenges are very diverse so that everyone can feel comfortable with at least one challenge. And you don’t need to be athletic. We also enjoyed the opportunity to meet and talk with local people.


Were you satisfied with the event (organization, service, originality)? Did your co-workers enjoy the event?

We had only one expectation: that our attendees enjoy themselves. They loved it! We are organizers as well so we appreciated the Pop In organization of course. But our Convention attendees liked the concept, the fact that they were given the chance to discover local organizations and a city from an unusual perspective. Their only frustration was that they didn’t complete all the challenges! But we told them, that’s often the case in a Pop In!


Any anecdote? Your favorite challenge?

We were not sure about the insect-eating challenge with the EXCO organization team. We had a voice vote and surprisingly the challenge was the most successful one. In general, all the challenges were a great success.


Would you recommend us for an off-site event?

Of course! And we’ll do it again soon.

  • Studiocanal
  • Oliver Wyman
  • Kenzo
  • Exco
  • Renault
  • Air France
  • Petit bateau
  • Transavia
  • Babilou


For the very first time, we settled in the Parc Floral for the annual teambuilding of Société du Grand Paris. 265 participants who had the chance to taste flowers and vegetables, organized a jazz concert, discovered calligraphy in the heart of the japanese garden…

14 challenges within the day to discover the Parc Floral in a very refreshing way.


A multi-lingual Pop In event for 62 cheerful and willing participants across the 13th Arrondissement of Paris and its hidden treasures!

The participants were managers who came from all over Europe. They enjoyed the customized race and the following BBQ dinner on the banks of the Seine river was reported to be a lot of fun.


A complete change of scenery for an outstanding OLIVER WYMAN Pop In in Dubai – with an orienteering race in the souks, then in the desert in buggy cars. The 20 participants were delighted with the various activities offered, not to mention the traditional dinner in the middle of the sand dunes.


A special request from KENZO to bring together a group of fifteen top international sales clerks. They were taken to the trendy Parisian Marais, made a big David-Lynch inspired fresco with a famous street artist from Holland, a staged presentation, and an orienteering race based on modern art.


In Nantes, 250 collaborators of EXCO gathered for an amazing Pop In. Canoeing, capoeira, tattooing, crazy race on a military ship, printing, boat renovation… A successful team building, with motivated participants in spite of waking up very early.


For Etam, we have organised a whole weekend in Amsterdam. We picked up for the collaborators a beautiful hotel, a selection of trendy restaurants, organised a diner along the canals, a tour around the city’s concept-stores and of course a Pop In for Etam to remember.

The participants discovered light painting, canoe along the beautiful canals of Amsterdam…


As part of the Happy Happening show, we have organized for Renault a Twingo race in the Marais. The winners were rewarded with registrations to a Pop In the City ! 


During the International Women’s Day, the collaborators of Uneo gathered in the 13th arrondissement for a 3 hour race. After flying an aircraft, tasting asian gastronomy and learning the basics of street-art, the participants were happy to end this morning by sharing a lunch all together.


We organized for PWC a Pop In with 7 challenges. The teams learned how to play football, cooked delicious calissons, took a dip into the fountains of Aix and enjoyed some futuristic southern cuisine. 

A great party ended this day full of discoveries and encounters. 


A beautiful race in the heart of the 13th arrondissement for the lawyers and clients of Gibson Dunn.


To celebrate its 10 year anniversary, the team of Erès flew to Oporto. We have organized three amazing days for the employees including vinho verde tasting, Fado, Portuguese gastronomy.


3 hours of race and 37 participants. In the heart of the 8th arrondissement, the participants had the chance to discover the Impressionist painters, participate to a Boot Camp session, search the Holy Grail and discover street-art.


For this layer’s office, we have created a unique race in the streets of the 8th arrondissement. After a sun salutation during a yoga class, the teams started an orienteering session and visited the mysterious Chapelle Expiatoire. A street-art class was just the perfect way to end this Parisian team building.


Two days in Lisbon for 120 persons of Orangina Suntory Europe? Challenge accepted!
After a few days of identifying the coolest places of Lisbon, the teambuilding was ready. On the menu? A dinner in a former brownfield site, drawing with point sprays, cooking Pasteis de Nata, enter the parlor of a vintage barber…