Race rules and equipment

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rules of the race

At the beginning of the race, you will be given a roadbook with riddles leading you to the challenges. The puzzles are divided into 5 categories : art, sport, culture, extreme, and charity… these categories are the ones of the challenges you’re about to face!


The category of your first challenge – and for the first one ONLY – is imposed. This category will be indicated on the upper right corner of your checkpoint sheet. Once you have completed this first challlenge, you must respect the rules of series by validating 1 CHALLENGE IN EVERY CATEGORY.


For example, if you started with a charity challenge, you will have to do a challenge in one of the 4 categories left. (Art, Sport, Extreme or Culture) before being allowed to do another one in charity.


Take a close look to these two chekpoint sheets. The first team has respected the rules of the race and the second must have been distracted by some tasty beautiful blond man…



Be careful: for these checkpoint sheets, the team must have started with a challenge SPORT, as indicated on top. Open your eyes.


If you fail a challenge, you can try it again. You can also give up and go to another one. However, you cannot re-try a challenge you already validated.


The bonuses, what is that? We decided to spoil you one more time, you’ll have the opportunity to realize bonus challenges (those marked with a small star on your roadbook) that will allow you, once realized, to have either:


10 more minutes on the finish line (so more challenges to achieve),
– the revelation of the place of a challenge,


Isn’t life wonderful? 





Both teammates must participate and stay together, expect if indicated otherwise.


Plan a sports outfit in which you will be comfortable and free to move around. Sneakers are required!


For the ski edition, it will of course be necessary to adapt your outfit ;)

Ski hat, gloves, pants and ski jacket … We trust you on that one!


  • 1 swimsuit & 1 towel / person
  • A loaded smartphone for calling a friend or to capture your escapades and post them on social networks (#popinmarseille)
  • Pens and highlighters to optimize your race
  • Money for your lunch and the Pop In Village


There will be no cloakroom! So leave your valuables at home (jewellery in particular).



Contrex water bottles will be available at the start of the race, remember to keep your bottle and fill it up on the road #ecolo.


Finally, a food supply Bio c’Bon will also be available from 10:30 am on the start/finish line.



last chance

medical certificate

To be loaded on your popin space absolutely!