Pop In St Andrews: Saturday, June 15th

What’s the schedule? How do we get there? Where do we sleep?

All explained here.

REGISTRATIONS open on thursday, December 13th

sold out! :o(

What’s the schedule for the weekend of the event?

POP IN ST ANDRews will take place on Saturday, june 15th.


You need to get to the city on Friday evening the latest, to collect your race material.

This takes place from 4pm to 9pm. If you cannot attend, you can also collect everything on Saturday morning from 7.15am to 7.45am.


The event starts at dawn!

7.45: briefing and warm-up

9:00: start of the race, challenges open

17:00: end of the race, all challenges close

17:00-18.30: you can enjoy the activities on the Finish line, talk to the other teams, eat/drink something

18:30: award ceremony on the Finish line.

Throughout the day, you will live plenty of experiences and try to accomplish as many challenges as you can.


After this intense day, you have a completely free day. If you still have a little energy, take the opportunity to walk around the city one last time before heading home!

Important information:

The award ceremony now takes place directly after the race, on the finish line.


Where will we sleep?

The local team is fully dedicated to having you live the most local experience ever, hence you will be sleeping in… the student rooms!! The event happens outside University year, so you’re going to have the opportunity to live in the old dorms. Full of charm, shared bathroom… BACK TO COLLEGE, Harry Potter style.


What we have in store:

Standard rooms

In the old University buildings, so much charm, at the heart of the city. With shared bathrooms, twin rooms.


More modern and less charming, these are double rooms or shared flats with 5 double rooms. You’ll get your own en-suite bathroom.


Twin/Double/Apartment Bathroom New/old Price/night/pers
McIntosh Hall Single / Twin shared old & charming 52,50€/72,50€
University Hall Single / Twin shared old & charming 52,50€/72,50€
Agnes Blackadder Hall Single / double / Twin double ensuite new 60€/80€/110€
David Russell Apts Single / double / Twin double ensuite new 60€/80€/110€
David Russell Apts Apart. 2 nights/ 3 nights w/5 double rooms ensuite new 409€/560€

How do we get to St Andrews from other places in Europe?

A little Googlemap search should give you an idea of where St Andrews is in the Kingdom of Fife, just North of Edinburgh.


Here’s a beautiful table with most flights from French/Spanish/Belgian/Swiss cities. We hope you realise we’re each time making it easier for you to come. Maybe one day we’ll solve the puzzles in the roadbook for you so you can get to the challenges in no time (NOT happening!).


From Airline Leaving Coming back
Paris CDG, Geneva, Basel Easyjet flights everyday flights everyday
Paris Orly Transavia Friday Sunday
Lyon Easyjet Wednesday Wednesday
Marseilles, Nantes Ryanair Friday Monday
Nice Easyjet Friday Sun/Mon
Bilbao Easyjet Wednesday Sunday
Bordeaux Ryanair Thursday Tuesday
Barcelone Vueling Friday Sunday
Toulouse, Béziers Ryanair Wednesday Sunday
Brussels Charleroi Ryanair Wed/Thurs/Fri Sun/Mon
Brussels Brussels Airlines flights everyday flights everyday

And from Edinburgh airport?



To go to St Andrews from Edinburgh airport, it’s simple:


Jump on the tramway to Edinburg Gateway station (frequency: every 10 min), then take the ScotRail train to Leuchards (frequency: every 30 min) : during this journey along the cost, open your eyes because the view is amazing.

When you arrive, the Stagecoach bus will drive you to the city centre of St Andrews within 10 min (frequency: every 10 min).


A journey across time and space that you will never forget!


Be careful: if you arrive too late for the train, you will need to rent a car from the airport. Don’t worry, you probably aren’t alone: join the Facebook event to organise the car trip with other teams.

REGISTRATIONS open on thursday, December 13th

sold out!

Any other questions?

Our FAQ is here.