At last: a British Pop In. Even better: a Scottish Pop In! Get ready for a Kingdom of Fife Pop In, haggis, caber, … these words mean nothing to you? We promise a lot of green landscape, medievalism, humid weather and… fantastic locals.

We have to tell you we’ve been dreaming about doing a Pop In in Scotland for a long time. After many years of discussions, meetings, negotiations and swallowed pints, here we are: drunk but happy: the first Pop In UK, and moreover: Scottish. This edition will be exclusively for women, but don’t be jealous, Gentlemen: 2019 will be full of surprises.


For those of you who have never heard of St Andrews: the city is until today famous for its University – the oldest of the country, where Kate and William studied, for its stunning landscapes and its golf courses. We say ‘until today’ since we know the city will soon be famous for hosting the first British Pop In the City!


St Andrews is a quaint medieval town, withholding centuries of history and Celtic clan legends, a reputation of “most beautiful place in the world to play golf” — we’ll let you judge that part as we’re pretty crap at it ourselves. And of course, St Andrews is, just like the rest of Scotland, famous for its extremely friendly locals. Broad smiles, jokers, curious, welcoming, joyful, with a chanting accent.

Before you head off to the registration page, we’d like you to watch that beautiful movie!