All the challenges and the locals who managed to share their passion with you on Pop In Hamburg !


La 7e compagnie :

Fitness buffs, the members of Urban Heroes have developed a new concept to address the lack of addictive and fun training in Germany. Thanks to the instructions of Nicki and David, Popins sculpted for themselves a dream silhouette for the summer.

The Urban Heroes

Happy Feet :

Ronja and his friends are of longboards addicts who cross the roads to participate in festivals related to board sports. Hair in the wind, the participants have experienced the feeling of freedom that one feels by practicing this discipline.



Des miches sur la planche :

It is on one of the canals leading to the Alster that Shahab recently opened a stand up paddle station. In an idyllic setting, the participants tried their hands at this sport that requires a true sense of balance. For the next edition, we promise extra points for the most beautiful dives.

Alster Surfer

Madonna :

Appearing in the 1970s among the transsexual and gay community of African and Latin Americans, voguing is an urban dance style characterized by model-posing. As practiced in the American magazine “Vogue”, it integrates angular, linear and rigid movements of the body, the arms and the legs. A real icon, the young dancer Dominik knew how to charm the Popins and convey his passion to them.

Dominik Lamovski





<3 :

At the heart of Atelier 7 in Koppel 66, the Popins met the jeweler Claudia with whom they engraved and fashioned copper medals.

Westhaus Schmuck

Pêché Mignon :

The story of this confectionery is a family story as we love them. During a stay on a Danish island, Uwe and his family visited a small confectionery in a coastal village. Back in Hamburg, they opened their craft candy shop. For a day, the Popins joined the team of confectioners and created new sugary batchs.


Ali Baba :

Hanseatische Materialverwaltung is an association which collects the old sets of theatrical and cinematographic productions. As part of Pop In Hamburg, participants were able to discover this cave of wonders and created aerial photographs of giant letters that they formed with decorative elements.

Hanseatische Materialverwaltung

Deern :

It is in this former grocery store of the 30s converted into a manufacture that the Popins have discovered the art of screen printing. They had the chance to reproduce on their tote-bag unpublished patterns related to Hamburg.



Carton rouge :

Claiming to have the biggest feminine audience of Germany, the FC Sankt Pauli, a club of the 2nd division, fascinates thousands of supporters for its anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-homophobic and anti-sexist values. To soak up the spirit of the club, the Popins tried their hands at the manipulation of the ball and learned the hymn of the club “Das Herz von Sankt Pauli”

FC Sankt Pauli

Tüdelband :

At The Box, a great concept store in Altona, the participants went on stage and joined Manuel to sing a song in Plattdeutsch, a dialect spoken in northern Germany.

Manuel Weber
The Box

Miam :

In the nineteenth century, Hamburg was one of the most dynamic ports in Europe for imports (cocoa, coffee, spices …). The Popins flooded the Chocoversum Museum and participated in an unprecedented workshop on the preparation of an old fashioned hot chocolate.





Sous le vent :

The Alster, this inner lake, is for the Hamburgers one of the most emblematic places of the city. Not a day passes without one being able to gaze at the white sails on its surface. After training themselves at making nodes, the participants joined their skippers and learned to manipulate their boat.

Hamburg City Sailing


Les Gaugau… Les Gaullloooiiisss !!! :

The Popins braved their fear of heights and dragged themselves, with the strength of their arms, to the top of a superb three-master.
Climbing team – Schnurstracks Aktiv GmbH

Rickmer Rickmers

Fireman :

Thanks to Michael and Sven, the Popins were initiated into a pole dance class in one of the emblematic bars of the Grosse Freiheit, accompanied by Julia and Barbara.

Kiez Jung

Galerie Bar

H2O :

As part of Pop In Hamburg, participants were able to realize one of their childhood dreams and turn into sirens the time of a challenge.






Topsy-turvy :

Now used to abseiling, the Popins were surprised by this new formula “upside down”. Sensations guaranteed from the top of the Generator Hostel!

Generator Hostel


Phoenix :

True pros of recovered materials, Carsten and his team give a second life to everyday objects. In the back-shop of their concept-store, the Popins transformed a second-hand book into a key-ring.

Facebook – Instagram

Made auf Veddel :

German stylist, Sibilla Pavenstedt, employs women from immigrant backgrounds and makes crocheted collections with them. In her showroom, the Popins had to show dexterity to make bracelets.

Made auf Veddel

En stock :

located in Hafen City, a district in the midst of urban development, the association Hanseatische Materialverwaltung follow the trend and decided to set up a closed down space as a meeting place for the artists of the city. To help them, the Popins have rolled up their sleeves and weeded, cleaned and moved stocks to be able to arrange space differently.

Hanseatische Materialverwaltung

Oasis :

In the heart of the Sankt Pauli district, in the sulphurous Grosse Freiheit, a collaborative garden flourishes at the initiative of the inhabitants of the district. Participants gave some of their time to participate in the life of the garden: creation of an irrigation system, realization of tutors for the plantations, construction of a bike-stove for events outside the walls …


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