Pop In Nice – Unisex

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The urban adventure race for women is going unisex again, this time in Nice!

** Summer is coming **

After the great success of our unisex edition in Geneva last year, and to cope with so many demands, Pop In the City has decided to do men a favor once again… so for this special Pop In, men are welcome to join the race!

‘Nissa Bella’ : Sun, quaint streets, pebble beach. The perfect mix of Italian and Haussmannian inspiration.

A culturally rich, welcoming, historically active city with many artistic initiatives… and so many unexpected sides… 

The whole team has worked on creating new challenges for an even crazier race.

>> check the CITY-GUIDE of NICE <<


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POP IN NICE – unisex edition, the challenges :


Discover how to be a stringed instrument maker, renovate typical boats from the region in the port of Nice, learn the technique of paper cutout of Henri Matisse in Matisse Museum, dance on the sound of the fife and hurdy-gurdy, learn a jazz dance chorea at the famous Opéra de Nice with Serge Alzetta dance school, make a photo shoot to denounce the addiction to new technologies.



Be in rythm and play Batucada drums, create your own jingle radio with Nice Radio, succeed in playing the pilou (typical juggling game of the region), discover beekeeping and make your own bee wax candles, play a game of petanque, blind taste in a typical confectionery and play the roulette and blackjack at the Casino of la Mediterranee.



Dance in a wheelchair with the association Accessible for All in the famous Negresco, discover the sign language with Self’Pi, know everything about sea rescue with SOS Mediterranean, learn self-defense technique with the House of Victims of Nice, make theatrical improvisation at the theater Francis Gag to denounce handicaps stereotypes and play a match of Torball blindfolded.


Do an aqua-bike session in the Mediterranean, fight the strong gladiators in the arena of Cimiez, do kayak under the sun, be the new Ariel and discover synchronized swimming, play and support women’s football team and learn the basics of French boxing savate at the Frank May Center.


Make a guided rappeling from the Novotel hotel, explore the depths of the sea snorkeling with Guillaume Néry CIPA, put yourself in the skin of Mowgli and climb trees, make a bungee jump of 90km/h, reproduce a GIGN scene to discover the world of a film shoot and make a rappelling from the wall of the Institute of Breast.


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