Ready to pop into the city?

Pop In the City is an urban adventure race for women. 550 women gather for a one-day touristic and athletic event in a city with a strong identity.  It doesn’t have to be a capital, but just a city with personality.


Pop In is an original experience and a new way to discover a city, whether you live there or just came for the Pop In event.

With Pop In the City, we put forward women’s athletic and creative talents through surprising challenges all set up in unique places.

On one full day, teams of 2 women with a city map and a roadbook will try and take up as many challenges as possible before crossing the finishing line.

30 challenges are divided into 5 categories: Culture, Art, Sport, Solidarity and Extreme. You can complete the challenges in any order. They remain secret until you get to them.

No restrictions – you can ask passersby for direction, hitchhike or use public transportation. It’s your strategy that matters, not your physical performance !

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All teams cross the finish line at 5pm. There are several rankings: the team that has completed the maximum number of challenges, the “almost famous team”, the fair-play team, etc!


They’re unique experiences that will give you a hard time / a good sweat and enable you to share a wonderful time with wonderful people…

Here are a few examples taken from our previous events :

  • Art : become a Portuguese artist tiler by making an azulejos fresco on a huge wall.
  • Sport : fight gladiators in Nice.
  • Extreme : rappel down a 200 feet-high tower or eat criadillas at 9am…
  • Solidarity : refurbish a foster home for teenage mothers.
  • Culture : cook the typical local dish (still under debate) in a famous restaurant… And eat it once you’ve made it.




the cities

The cities we choose are special, undiscovered, steeped in history and full of character!

Pop In the City destinations are always served by low-cost airlines and accessible by train. Once you’re signed up and your registration is confirmed, you’ll just have to book your flight, train or carpool ticket.

To help you prepare your trip, we’ll give you many tips in your confirmation email.

Our accomplices


For every event, we work with local people who are all extraordinary in some way !

They can be starred chefs, top athletes, famous artists, passionate crafts (wo)men, but also sports-related, cultural or charity organizations. Without them, Pop In the City would simply not exist.


Any questions ? preguntas ? Domande ?

Pop In the City in a few words ? It’s just below. Otherwise, all the answers to your questions are here


  • Early bird price: 165€/participant (7 days)
  • Standard price: 179€/participant


What’s included in the price:

  • a tshirt for the event
  • a silkscreen printed cotton bag (except on ski events where it is replaced by a more appropriate gift)
  • a roadbook for the event
  • your race bib
  • access to 30 challenges during Pop In the City
  • a bracelet
  • gifts
  • a personalized video of your race
  • kisses



The price does not include:

  • the accommodation
  • transport to the host city or to hotels
  • travel pass on D-day
  • meals

All our team speaks both French and English, all race materials are in both French and English.

You’ll just need to check the “English roadbook” box when you register so we know you need the roadbook in English!



Coming straight from the team’s overflowing imagination, a challenge is a participative activity closely linked to the identity of the city, integrating associations, artists, businesses or local initiatives. They constitute real experiences and thus create a strong link between the participants and the host city.


There are 25 challenges in each race. Each will last around 30 minutes. The moto for the challenges is “impossible is nothing”. You won’t know more until you get there.


Challenges may contain: grace, traces of nuts, darkness, water, creativity, harness, hot men, sardines… and more.

In Aix, the Popins took a class with a conductor at the Opera. In Bologna, they rappelled down a medieval tower and cooked tortellini in a nursing home. In Nice, they learned how to free dive, they renovated a few old « Pointus » (the typical fishing boats), and they felt like Klein himself when painting.

Here are the videos.

Here are a few testimonies … Be prepared !




The goal is to disconnet yourself form daily life, to discover a city differently and to experience a race, rid of complexes !
And otherwise who else would take care of the children?

We know that men would love to do a ballet class at the Maison Béjart, sing opera in Bologna, take part in a burlesque stripping in a Brussels garage, or rehearse a medieval dance disguised as squire in Aix, but we’ll postpone it for another time.


However, if you have buddies, a trusted baby sitter, a closet with cushions and seeds for your children, you can embark a man on the adventure as a member of the awesome POP IN TEAM !! Contact Marie at

The Pop In Team is our beloved team of incredible volunteers. The best you can find. Want to be part of it ?


You want to discover incredible places in your city or in a city you’ve never been to? Meet more than 500 women grinning from ear to ear and from 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. ?

Then join the Pop In Team!



  • Speak French and English
  • Be available on one of the Pop In the City‘s organized weekends
  • Not be a serial killer or a male chauvinist.

Showing self-control is a plus.

Being single is totally a plus.

You meet the requirements and still want to get involved? Simply fill in the form on this page, indicating which event you are interested in. If you know some ‘Popins’, let us know!

Thank you & see you soon!


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