• Her favorite city: Stockholm
  • What does it say about Aurélie? She’s calm and respectful.

If you want to become a Popin or a Jetlagger, and have more questions than answers our very complete website has to offer, you can then email Aurélie! —



  • Her favorite city: Lisboa
  • What does it say about Pauline? She looks tidy but she’s crazy.

You are a journalist or a blogger and want to know more about the event? You are depressed and think maybe a few days with this bunch of racers would convince you life is worth living at a pace of 200km/h? – and later on write a super good review in the best magazine of your country…

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  • Her favorite city: Meknes, Morocco
  • What does it say about Sophie? She’s an adventurer and doesn’t know how to say no to a Moroccan pastilla dish.

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  • Her favorite city: Tokyo, where she was raised
  • What does it say about Clem? She marvels at everything, just like all the Japanese do.

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  • Her favorite city: Buenos Aires, where she worked in her 20s
  • What does it say about Marie? Just like any tango dancer, she has passion and self-restraint

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    • Her favorite city: Concarneau, France
    • What does it say about Virginie: that she’s new and we have to take her on a trip outside France : )

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