Jetlags Paris –

Get on board for your world trip in Paris.

Wandering around in a Senegalese market, flare up while listening to flamenco music, learn about the tea ceremony in Kyoto, play as Neymar on Copacabana’s beach…


To all the curious ones eager on discovering new places, to all those wanting Paris to surprise them again, the event Jetlags Paris will take you to a cosmopolitan and versatile Paris, full of colors and surprises ! And for once, the event is open to both women and men !

The idea ? A 4 hour tour to seize the great richness of our capital thanks to encounters, exchanges and experiences.


How to get on board ?


Two options are available: to embark for half a day (4h, morning or afternoon) or extend the experience all day (8h race, from 10am to 7pm) .


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If you have any further questions, please take a look at our “Practical Info” page