If you have already registered for a Pop In the City or would like some information regarding your registration, contact Julie — popin@popinthecity.com


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So you feel like being part of the team on one of our events?? Thanks! You can contact Marie — popinteam@popinthecity.com

We create all kinds of crazy corporate events for companies! Just email or call Sophie — sophie@popinthecity.com

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If you want to see what has been done in the past, click here.

You think hosting a Pop In the City in your city could be a great idea? We sure agree! You can email or call Marie — marie@popinthecity.com

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You’re trying to get attention from a community of incredible girls taking part in a fun, inspiring and intelligent event? You can write to Clémentine — clementine@popinthecity.com

If you want more info on Pop In the City or feel like participating in the event, just call or email Clémentine — clementine@popinthecity.com

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