If you are a master Popin or on your way of becoming one and you have questions about your participation to Pop In the City, you can contact Aurélie — aurelie@popinthecity.com





If you want to lend a helping hand at our events by becoming a member of the Pop In Team, contact Marie – marie@popinthecity.com


Want to create a customized event for your company?
Contact Sophie – sophie@popinthecity.com
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If you want to see what has already been done by Pop In the City for other companies, it’s here.



Representative of a European city ready to host a future Pop In the City, contact Marie – marie@popinthecity.com
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Your brand is looking for a fresh and modern event to which it would be associated? Contact Clementine – clementine@popinthecity.com
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If you are a journalist or a blogger and want to get more information on the concept, contact Clémentine – clementine@popinthecity.com
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You just want to learn more about our concept and talk with us, please contact us at popin@popinthecity.com or like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.