Our goal? Getting Europeans to travel differently and get to know each other. How? Organizing unforgettable urban adventure races to enjoy strong local experiences. For whom? A community of open-minded, adventurous people.


That’s how the start-up company Pop In Events emerged in 2012, under the initiative of 3 young women – Marie, Sophie, and Clémentine- who share their passion for tourism and adventure.



Since the beginning, our team has been working on three major products:




Pop In the City is at the center of our activities. It is the 1st urban race for women in Europe, a new way to discover a city and meet people from a different culture.

The races include 30 challenges that are kept secret until the day of the event. It’s a new kind of “sightseeing” and an opportunity for the Pop In participants to go all out through usually impracticable activities.

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2. CORPORATE EVENTS/teambuildings – events FOR COMPANIES


Our experience and expertise in tourism and sports-based events led us to organize fully customized events for companies, with the same profile as the Pop In the City ones.

The best way to bring people together, build a strong team spirit, and offer co-workers a unique and friendly experience.

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Awards and distinctions

2017 Nobel Prize for peace in Europe (just kidding)

Pop In is a Laureate of the Réseau Entreprendre Paris (2014) and of Day One (2013)

Finalist of the 2014’s BFM Académie contest (2014)

Member of the Christmas List by La French Tech in 2014 and 2015