-Her favorite city: Meknes, Morocco

-What does it say about Sophie? She’s an adventurer and doesn’t know how to say no to a Moroccan pastilla dish.


If you want to organize a Pop In the City for your company — just email sophie@popinthecity.com or call her +33 6 5040 7129


-Her favorite city: Tokyo, where she was raised

-What does it say about Clem? She marvels at everything, just like all the Japanese do.


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-Her favorite city: Buenos Aires, where she worked in her 20s.

-What does it say about Marie? Just like any tango dancer, she has passion and self-restraint


You are a Tourist Office rep? A City representant? If you would like to host a Pop In the City in your city, call or email Marie to get all the details — marie@popinthecity.com

+33 6 7598 9286


-Her favorite city: Stockholm

-What does it say about Julie? She’s calm and respectful.


If you want to become a Popin and have more questions than answers our very complete website has to offer, you can then email Julie! — julie@popinthecity.com



Her favorite city: Cairo

What does it say about Anna? She always shows her best side.


If you want to have fun by volunteering during one of our events, please contact Anna at anna@popinthecity.com


Her favorite city: Valparaiso

What does it say about Ninon: She’s an adventurer without equal.



Her favorite city: Montreal

What does it say about Nadège: If you’re cute, she will love you (and even more if you have the Quebec accent).


If you’re a blogger or working in the media industry and you wanna know more about us and maybe talk about Pop In the City, please contact Nadège at nadege@popinthecity.com


Her favorite city: Vancouver

What doest it say about Laure: She likes nature and hikes.


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Her favorite city: Miami

What does it say about Julia: She likes to make new friends.



Her favorite city: Lisbon

What does it say about Emilie: She likes to be surprised.