As there was a manifesto for communism or one for surrealism, I follow the steps of great authors and philosophs and want to stand for my opinions.
Let me clear my throat… Let’s go.

This is no big news. In the Pop In team, we love diversity and discovering other cultures. A pièce of luck. Because I fell in love with cultural mixity, when I was still a child. Love at first sight.


A brief context: I grec up with my suitcases in my hand, traveling from France to Cyprus, to Sweden from Mauritania. Every step was a big dive into an unknown world. Tell me about adrenaline rush. But the unknown only awaits to be discovered and by the time you have to leave for other adventures, you leave behind a new home and family. And start over. But how fulfilling is that!
What I love about the unknow is for it to become, in the end, an entire part of me. Even if frightening, the loss of your bearings is something that will make you grow and make you a better person.


I’m regularly asked where I come from. I’ve never liked that question. I used to hesitate (a lot) and ended up listing my numerous travels and different homelands. I was wrong. I now found the perfect answer : from nowhere and everywhere. Because deep inside of me, I’m as much a swedish girl than French.
My childhood taught me about curiosity. Towards other people, other cultures that are not mine, other languages. This curiosity is a motto, remembering me to open my eyes, try, listen, taste, smell, to meet other people, respect and admire their values, their choices, their livestyles. And make some of them mine. From my travels, I always bring back bits and pieces that end up completing the puzzle of my personality.


It’s exactly and mostly what I love about Paris. Multiple, international, exotic sometimes. I like the fact that you can enjoy in Paris amazing ramen as if you were in Tokyo, that you can find a perfect senegalese market smelling good, that you can dance to the sound of an Indian celebration.
It’s also what I love about Pop In: that Clémentine eats amlou from Iran, that Marine takes me to a Qi Qong class during lunchbreak and that Marie always fills her dishes with lemongrass.




PS : if you want to discover the kind of Paris I love, check it ou here.