Touchdown, strike and pom-pom girls

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You are a BIG fan of United States but quite desperate as you can’t find a place in Paris to practice baseball.

Cheer up! We have found THE baseball for you : Patriots Club Paris. Join Florent’s team to fly immediately to the US.

– Can you introduce yourself?
I discovered baseball in the United-States, when I was 17. It was love at first sight. When I came back to France, I found out the existence of a few clubs. I decided to dump all the other sports and to play baseball. I became president of the Club when I was 19 and after spending some years in the financial department, I was given the opportunity to become, once again, president of the Club. And I won’t move anymore!


– Can you tell us about Patriots de Paris?
The club is as old as I am : 27. The club has always had between 60 and 100 licences until 2013 when the club almost closed. But we decided that this date was the beginning of a new era. We did everything we could to save the club and now we have reached 200 licensees and this number is still growing!


– How is baseball developing in France?
I feel like baseball and softball have become more popular during the past two years, especially among a feminin audience. Baseball will be reknowed as an Olympic discipline thanks to Japan and we have great ambition for the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.


– What made you want to play baseball? 
Baseball is very different from all the others activities we have in Europe. Each person on the field is multi-skilled and you have to train for all the aspect of baseball: bat, catch, run… As baseball is not very popular in Fra,ce it’s also quite exciting to be part of something “marginal”.


– Do you have some funny facts to share with us?

A few years ago, we were contacted by the TV show “Les Enfants de la Télé” as Mickaël Youn briefly came to our club. We didm’t have any but it’s still a very good memory for us.


– What does Patriots de Paris to change (a little) the world?
We are using are growing reputation to talk about discrimination in sport. We have created a feminine section of Softball in 2015 and have welcome women in the baseball team. We were given the distinction of “Sport friendly” thanks to our events and our participation to the event #HeForShe. Many members of the club joined the movement. We were also given the distinction “sexism, not for us!” and we are not going to stop there.
In baseball, some positions are more suitable for women which means that both men and women can play in the same team. I don’t think it really exists elsewhere.


– The city that reflects the most your personality? 
I have traveled a lot a I LOVE the US but I couldn’t live there. But I wish that the same baseball facilites could exist in Paris.

I love living in Paris and the city matches perfectly my way of life. And baseball could really become something here. We just have to find a way to talk more of this amazing sport and let people know that clubs exist in Paris (and in all the big cities of France) !


Go and discover Patriots Club Paris

PS : for the less sportive ones, we have heard that a team of pom-pom girls might be developing soon :-)