Where did it all start?

Did it start with where we were raised

in the country side, the city, in a foreign country -, with our surroundings? The rebellious aunty who went to nudist camps, the grand dad who was an adventurer in Africa, the backpacking parents, the entrepreneurial parents… Or maybe with our education? You need to be your own boss, we love you, we will support you. Was it our studies? The business school, the courses in Madrid, London, the internships in Argentina and Australia… or the challenges we obsessed ourselves with: rallying in the desert, adventure racing in Morocco. Bah. Possibly also the people we met: the Mongols in the steppes, the Berberes in the sand dunes, the Brazilians on the ancient gold path, the Indians on their motorbikes.


A bit of all this, for sure.

And something else that is sure is that Pop In is still standing, built by 3 women who aren’t afraid of anything (almost). It all started with the idea that we needed more “conscious traveling” and more exchanges with locals during a trip, which would allow us to discover ourselves while taking part, and we turned this idea into a company that has grown so much in the last 5 years, ‘Pop In Events’, with now employees, new business lines, a stable business model and still, with our very pure core values at heart.


‘The destination is not the most important, the trip is’

If only we’d understood this mantra was totally applicable to our adventure!



There were 3 of us, there’s now 10!

Our logo was a shy blue star, it’s now an emblematic orange macaron. 

We had a single-page website with check payments and medical certificates arriving through mail; we now have a responsive website with personal space for each participant, a Pop In Box on sale, and more than one edition to advertise. 

There were 270 Pop Ins with personal orange Tshirts on for the first edition in Oporto, you’re now 550

It took us a year to organise the first Pop In, amongst the 3 of us; we have organised 18 in 5 years in 13 different cities

In 2014, we organised our first private event for a company. This year, we did more than 40.


“It’s all so professional, executed with humbleness”

Anonymous source, but with huge expectations


Our goal was to become THE main player in terms of urban adventure-racing and events and experience tourism. Did we make it??

Read more to find out…


the POp InS: 5th anniversary = 5 editions

Pop In Risoul: the last of this alpine trilogy, before we choose a new ski resort

The first Pop In Lisbon – in case you didn’t get we love Portugal

Pop In Toulouse – since the south west of France still hadn’t hosted a Pop In the City

Pop In Geneva: the “Popins pick” of the year.

And finally: our first unisex Pop In the City to celebrate our 5th anniversary!


We finally launched our really cool Pop In goodies with amazing brands, currently only available in our Pop In Christmas box: panties ‘Pop me tender’, ‘Pop’ ‘In’ socks, golden ‘Pop In!’ lace locks (fashion is fashion), orange nail polish and biscuits ‘happy Pop In’.


Also, you are always more and more to follow us and to explore Europe looking for hints, THANK YOU!


here are some of the challenges we’re most proud of this year:

  • Lisbon: building Portuguese “calçada”, learning Lusitanian fencing, painting nudes in a stunning water reservoir





  • Toulouse: awarding poems at the Académie des Fleurs, playing organ in a church, experiencing shibari





  • Geneva: getting on track in the most steepy velodrome of Europe, dismantling watch mecanisms with a watchmaker, building a collective piece of art in front of the UN.




Handsome people who has participated to a Pop in 2017


private events for companies ‘Pop In Enterprise’


With clients as diversified as startups like Dataiku (70 people), and major groups like Etam (600 people), Suntory (120) or Accor Hotels (20), we created more than 40 events around Europe – in Brussels, Lisbon, Oporto, Paris. Our last one which we are most proud of is Air France, this past monday, with 280 HR people who enjoyed a world tour around Paris, after having met our hero from out of space Thomas Pesquet. 


In total, more than 2 372 people took part in a special Pop In the City thanks to their company!



95,8%. The happiness level we’ve reached on our corporate events. If you’re interested, write an email to Sophie as soon as possible as our calendar is filling up quickly. We adapt to all requirements: length, city, number of people…

We organize team buildings shaped the same as Pop In the City, but also seminars, conferences, induction days, full weekends in a city…


JEtlags IN paris


We organized a Jetlags Paris in April, to discover the different foreign cultures in Paris. Parisians, foreigners, but also people from Nantes, Marseille, Lyon, Lille… came to discover Senegalese, Argentine, Chinese, American cultures…


fairs and prizes


This year we won the 2nd prize of the Sport Strategies Awards which distinguishes disruptive startups in the sport sector. Why were we chosen? A strong “proof-of-concept”, sport integrated to a more global event not centred on sport, and the female side of our project. And of course, a stable business model!

We were also selected by Accor Hotels to join the group at Viva Technology, one of the biggest business events in Europe this year. At this event, we were also selected as one of the startups promoting a positive image of Paris within the Parisian race to the Olympics for 2024… which was won by Paris against LA! To be continued…




Our historic partner Contrex Water has renewed its support to Pop In the City this year and for the coming and we’re extremely grateful. Contrex as strongly oriented its support towards entrepreneurial programs for women, we’re quite proud of that and also pretty convinced POp In the City was their first move towards this. 


If you have a business idea you want to develop and would like to get the best coaching for, you can apply for their coaching program “Les Elles de Contrex” here (in French).


Our food partners Bio C Bon and Rinquinquin have also worked with us this year in order to get the healthiest food supplies and best party drinks! We’d like to thank them again.

Of course, our fantastic city partnerships with Suisse Tourisme and TGV Lyria, Les Sportives Magazine, So Toulouse and Risoul, have made these great Pop In the City possible this year. THANK YOU.



Hellos and goodbyes

This is a year of change for our team, and the people who were here the longest have all left us! We’d like to thank Aurelie, who’s been creating events for 3 years now and who is going today. 

A new team is taking shape, with Virginie, Anna and Julie, and our crazy bunch of interns.

We would like to thank them all again for their involvement, every day, in the company.




We also organised our first “Ambassador” event, in Marseilles, called: Pop In Out! The aim is to gather the community together outside the main Pop In events, have new women discover Pop In and bring former participants to share their experience. 

Click here to see the video



We want to reach an even superior quality in the Pop In the City experience and manage to surprise the participants even more than before. #challenge

Many more Pop In the City are set to happen in 2018.

  • The second Pop In of the year will be on Saturday the 9th of June. More and more people take part in the crazy hunts around Europe to discover the destination… be ready for the coming one, beginning of January!!
  • Unisex edition: will there be a new one?? You’ll know it soon enough!!!




You’ve reached the end of this newsletter. We would like to wish you a very happy end of year, surrounded by people you love. 


Take very good care of yourselves and again, thank you for trusting us and following us.


Take care! Bisous!


The Pop In Team.