For Pop In Lisbon, two of our challenges were possible thanks to our collaboration with Museu da Agua and EPAL: the one at the Reservatorio and the one at the Aqueduct.

EPAL. These 4 letters stand for a very simple function: provide the inhabitants of Lisbon with water. And it lasts since the 19th century.

How we were enchanted when we first discovered the Reservatorio Mãe d’Agua. In the heart of Lisbon, this place is known for keeping the sleepy waters of the city. When entering this huge cistern, you will probably feel like entering an abandoned church filled with calm and soothing waters. The ogive-shaped architecture adds to the holiness of the place. No way we could organize the race without allowing you to discover this magic Reservatorio.

In this magic scenery, our participants had the chance to live a unique challenge. A peaceful atmosphere where they were taught how to draw.


Pop in the city à Lisbonne


Neither could we miss the ogive-shaped Aqueduct running through the city of Lisbon. 58km and solid as a roc. It even resisted to the 1755 earthquake which destroyed the two-thirds of the city. The Aqueduct stood strong, not event a scratch. This is what we needed for a 25m abseil down.


Pop in the city à Lisbonne


Nowadays, EPAL is still the official water supplier of the city of Lisbon and has also chosen to educate the youngest to sustainable development. Museu d’Agua aims at preserving and valuing the historical monuments.


Thank you to EPAL and Museu d’Agua for allowing us to organize these beautiful challenges.



Praça das Amoreiras 10

Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 5:30 pm. 
(closed for lunch from 12:30 to 1:30 pm).


Calçada da Quintinha 6

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