Become our video stars

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The format of our videos is about to change… to focus on you!! 
Between one and two teams will be followed during the day, with the aim of capturing your state of mind, your strategy, your exchanges, your encounters, your victories…

To talk about your team you need to specify: the kind of team you are (mother-daughter, sisters, colleagues, lovers, young moms, friends…
And if you participate for the first time/ if you’re a Pop In Addict / if you’ve done several editions already.

Where you live and a brief biography ;-)

Our cameraman will follow you throughout the day (from bibs withdrawal to the dinner and party) and maybe for some rushes on the Sunday.
He can ask you to stop during the race to ask you a few questions, to redo a specific situation that he couldn’t record, ask you to do a challenge instead of another…

As the team being filmed, you agree to do the race according to our cameraman’s pace. You also have to be registered for the dinner and party.

If you want to be our next movie star, comment the post on our Facebook Page!