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From the beautiful cropper narrowly avoided on the cobbles, from the Portuguese spellbound, to lunches on the terrace in December … We give you some information about Aurélie and Marine’s first week of discovery  – our two confirmed race creators! – in Lisbon.

With several editions behind them, Marine and Aurélie are like old explorers: Orly airport is the station where they commute to work, and just like overtrained sniffing dogs, they sniff quickly the best spots of their target city.


However, everything did not start under the best possible prospects in Lisbon. Indeed, usually a flight to Lisbon from Paris lasts 2h30. This time, Aurélie and Marine took 6 hours to reach the Portuguese capital because of a thick fog at their destination. It must be said that at first they believed in a preposterous apology of the airline (like “A kite is stuck in a container, our train is delayed of 2h30”). But after flying around Lisbon for a long time, their plane had to land in Faro to avoid the fuel failure.
The girls thought the worst was behind them. But, although accustomed to travelling, they opted for – we ourselves still do not understand this rookie mistake – a super heavy wheeled suitcase to go to Lisbon – a city with cobblestone streets whith a San Fransisco-like reputation.
And in dessert, to challenge themselves until the end: hotel in the noisiest street of all Lisbon? Check.


“Ain’t this article a bit negative ? It looks like they do not like the city …” Say no more.
A lunch in a sunny terrace overlooking the Tagus (the river) quickly reconciled them with the city.
Their favorites?
The tram, a real time machine : picturesque paths, glued behind the driver of the tram in order not to miss a thing of his maneuvers. This tram, for which you’d rather not be in a hurry, especially since it can stay stuck behind a truck for houuuurs.


It is also in a tramway that our two special reporters crossed path wih a Popin. So much for the commando mission incognito.
In their other favorites are the Portuguese and their legendary kindness.
At each encounter, Marine and Aurélie are welcomed with open arms, pasteis de nata on top. Even though girls often get in a complete muddle between Portuguese “ch” and “s”, their first Lisbon accomplices show a surprising imagination for the creation of challenges …
As we already know, this edition will be absolutely memorable.