Holidaaaaaaay, Celebraaaate. That’s what Madonna was singing in 1983.

And here you are, singing just like her, before leaving for your two-weeks vacation.

Two more good news for you:

1/ our summer saga is back. For yes, many of you enjoyed reading our summer adventures last year.
2/ the team got bigger so you’ll get even more stories.


As you seemed to like our stories very much, our ego was quite overwhelmed. For just a second – okay, maybe more – we thought of leaving it all behind, and try to write a novel and win the 2017 Goncourt Award.

But then, reality struck.



Crédit photo Paul Malon


So we’re back to talking about our holidays. Not big deal but enough for those who can’t go on vacation. Each week, you will read our latest novella.

We will tell you about our Bay Watch remake in Miami, our crazy week fighting with our friends in Biarritz, our trek through molten lava in Réunion, our own version of “Les Petits Mouchoirs” in le Cap Ferret…


But this year, we will make things a little bit harder for you: all the noveras will remain anonymous. A good way to spice things up – as we’re not writing erotic novels yet.



Crédit photo Brigitte Ferrara



First novella will be available on August 3rd. Stay tuned!


Happy summer,

The Pop In Team


Crédit photo bandeau mrkateinspo