Michael and Sven – Die kiezjungs

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To make you more eager about Pop In Hamburg on June 18 and let you imagine all kinds of challenges, we wanted to tell you about the stories and anecdotes we have heard in Hamburg

While in the city, Marine and Aurélie met Michael. An amazing, striking Jack-of-all-trades.
If only Marine and Aurélie knew that he would take them in ALL the brothels and that they would end the day with swollen feet and their heads on a bar! Well, the joys of working!


Michael has been living in Sankt-Pauli for more than twenty years, very close to Reeperbahn. Back then, it was the most important Redlight District in Europe. A blooming neighborhood, where the Beattles to come were giving gigs in bars before becoming a real No Man’s Land in the 70’s.
Sankt-Pauli was then nothing less than a slum where the hamburgese youth started to organise giant Rave Parties. Michael was a teenager and literally fell in love with the neighborhood.
As Reeperbahn was evolving, Michael was also changing a lot : he first worked as a journalist and then started his own company. He ended up writing books about dialog marketing and computers.

Last year, as a bunch of tourists passed by in Reeperbahn, from brothels to bars, he decided to join the tour. Such a shame ! The guide was just talking rubbish.
Michael witnessed the changes in Sankt-Pauli and literally knows everyone there and he decided to share his stories of Reeperbahn. His friend Sven joined the adventure.

If you go on a tour with them, they’ll probably tell you that they love Hamburg for being so welcoming. And especially in Sankt-Pauli : show respect and you will be welcomed by the most colourfull, freaky and different quarter of Hamburg.


To discover the inside story of Sankt-Pauli, follow Michael and Sven:
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