« I love my region and ​its mountains. » Laetitia grew​ up​ in the ​Alps, surrounded​ ​by vineyards. Her playground was the ​24-acre family farm purchased by her grandfather in 1954.
​T​he family knows that respecting traditions is a guarantee of quality. This i​s​ why, even today, th​e ​harvest​ is done​ by hand​.​


​While​ her parents t​ook​ over the ​family farm and ​successfully started promoting the local and forgotten ​’​Le Mollard​’ grape​ ​(meaning ‘the Little Mountain​’)​ – Laetitia ​dreamt of becoming a journalist and traveling the world. During more than 15 years, she work​ed​ passionately side by side with Paul Amar as a columnist, journalist, chief editor.


Great lover of wine an​d​ outdoor spaces, Laetitia ​finally followed the footsteps of her parents in leading the Allemand ​vineyard, ​smartly combining her two passions. She regularly writes for ​’​Les Grappes​’​, a blog dedicated to oenology.
​What is it Laetitia loves so much in wine? ​She says she sees the winemaker as a writer, a poet and wine as a mean of expression. An elixir telling a story, full of encounters and travels.


Laetitia Allemand is our partner for our ​Mountain ​edition in risoul and we are ​delighted to have the Popins ​discover two of her wines, typical to the Risoul region: l’Orcanette and M​&​M Rouge​