This year we are celebrating our 5th anniversary. It has to mean something ! Yet it seems that it was only yesterday that you were all together for the first time in Porto.

Besides getting old, 5 years is also the ideal opportunity to refine our concept: keeping what you like and improving essential points!


This year we are introducing Early Birds. The early birds – as in birds getting up early – allow you to benefit from preferential prices on Pop In the City: the earlier you register, the less you spend.

More concretely :

=> During the two weeks following the opening of registration, the event will be at 155 euros

=> A After that time, the price of the race will be 169 euros



Many of you have been following us since the beginning of the adventure and have always come back. And that pleases us! To thank you, we have put in place since last year a promo code system: from your second Pop In, you will get a discount on your registration.


Better than a poster in the city center or a commercial on TV between the News and the weather forecast, you are also our best spokespeople. It is through you that the Pop In concept has spread like wildfire.

If you have recruited a new team of intrepid Popins, you can sponsor them and receive a discount on your application – which means -10% for you or -5% for your team if you are friendly and you feel like sharing!

food is ready!

At registration, dinner will be sold separately at a price of 39 euros.

Once you register for the race, you need to specify whether you want to register for the dinner. If you do not want to end the nearest McDonalds, you are advised to do so pronto and do not drag!

Now you know everything!