Awwww, Sicily. Ever since she went to Palermo t’en years ago, Jeanine* has been dying to go back to Sicily. 

When landing at the Catane airport, Jeanine felt like she was in Corsica: the smell of pins, grandpas driving cabs, sunglasses on, the heat. She loved it.
Her fried picked her up – well, the car had already broke down on the parking so they had to figure something out. The adventure could begin.
After walking a few miles, Jeanine was off to Syracuse. If the name sounds like an antic theater, the reality is even more beautiful.

In Ortigia, the two friends had rented an Airbnb, mainly composed of a rooftop. The perfect spot to overhear the neighbors’ conversations and the sound of pans in the restaurant nearby. While listening to Azzurro of Adriano Celentano, they felt like the heart of Sicily was beating right here.


If Paradise existed, Jeanine thinks that Sicily would do the job easily. Why?


1/ For the local tradition called arrosostire al sole – roast in the sun. Here, in  Forte Vigliena, the tanning sessions are always interrupted by childish dives.




2/ For a cute table at Trattoria la Foglia and eat a ton of delicious pasta.
Via Capodica 29


3/ For the market. Chez Papy, close to Salumeria, you can see a looooooong queue. Patience, patience…
Hopefully, il Nonno will generously offer some tasteful cheese while preparing the most AMAZING sandwich on Earth. Jeanine is still talking about it while salivating.
In the evening, head to La Carnizzeria: quiet place with divine pasta and fish. Not to mention the wine. The WINE!!!
Via Emmanuele de Benedictis, 29




4/ For a magical night in the countryside. Jeanine and her friend went there because a member of the Pop In Team in Risoul advised them to do so. And Jeanine was so happy they went. There, with Elena and Luben, they lived one of the most inspirant nights of their travel: drinking wine and talking about art, immigration, travel, sharing, homosexuality, encounters, local fruits and vegetables…
To meet Elena and Luben, open your heart and mind and click here.




Just to be clear, Jeanine won’t wait another ten years to go back to Sicily.


*The names were changed.