Challenges in Seville

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Shining sun, colourful streets and palm trees … Welcome to Seville ! On 15th October, 700 Popins full of energy have taken the city into assault ! In order not to miss a single bite of this adventure, we gathered here all of the challenges that you lived ! (Or missed, it depends)


A bull and a toreador who kiss each other ? No way? It happenned with Pop In! To understand what we’re talking about, read about the artistic challenges of Seville !



Playing castanets ? Cooking tapas and churros? All of Sevillan culture is here !



Paddle, Pàdel (not to be confused !) … and OF COURSE Flamenco ! Everything is on the Sport page of Seville !



Climbing on “mushrooms” with a rope ladder ? Cooking “criadillas” just out of bed ? Extremely disconcerting ! 



Standing up against animal cruelty and corrida, discovering esperanto, the international language … So moving! And they are part of the charity challenges of Seville !