It’s been 5 years. 5 years we’re wandering around Europe searching for new cities, knitting a network of amazing locals in different cities, identifying the most unexpected locations, unforgettable challenges.

5 years getting our foot in so many doors, convincing opera, museum, cemetery and sports club directors, eccentric artists and authentic organisations. Hours writing wacky roadbook puzzles, and city guides in which we pour a torrent of accumulated love for those cities.


5 years of sweating, and of pride when looking at you, Popins, walking on burning soles by the end of the day, but wearing so much happiness on your faces, a tribute to all the experiences you have preciously stored somewhere inside yourselves.

So, where we headed with this newsletter? (“Cheesy newsletter isn’t their usual still, is it? What’s happening?”)

OK we’re spitting it out!!
5 years old, 4 Pop Ins. Isn’t there something wrong?
We would love to say 5 yearrrrs… 5 Pop Ins. Really, you too?


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Then let’s do this 5th Pop In, but let’s make it a bit exceptional:
1/ Let’s allow boys to join*
2/ YOU get to choose the city

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


We just chose the date: Saturday October 7th. In a few days and you’ll be able to vote between 3 destinations for this 5th edition.


*now or never chicos, in 2018 Pop In the City is back to #womenpower!
Any kind of team allowed: 2 females, 2 males, male/female